Cookery Classics

We are confident that you will enjoy your
Cookery Classics eBook but if there are issues that you would like to raise with us please use the Contact page.

   Our eBooks are even better than the original historic editions. You can search within them, pinch and zoom, print recipes, and link direct to the web. Some of our eBooks also have audio and video and most have interactive Contents*.


Please make sure that your iPad operating system is always kept up-to-date. It is also advisable to connect it to your Mac or PC using the cable so that content can be backed up regularly.

   When you login to iBooks, from time to time you will see Updates to Cookery Classics eBooks that you have purchased. These are free and may contain details about forthcoming titles and well as any corrections or additional information.

   Unlike most Apps our eBooks are typically about 50MB so they won't take long to download.

Cookery Classic ipad screen shot
Cookery Classic ipad screen shot

*Kindle Fire

Although we are planning Kindle Fire (KF8) versions of some of our eBooks currently there is no pinch and zoom available for eBooks on this device. Also video and audio can only be played when a WIFI connection is available.


Android tablets

We have no current plans to produce Android versions of our eBooks as these devices are not compliant with the latest software (ePub) standards that enable the sophisticated design of Cookery Classics eBooks to display correctly.

   It is our aim to bring Cookery Classics to as many tablet devices as possible and when these issues are resolved we will announce it on this website.

Screen shots from:

Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book