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Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book

We have made it easy for you to browse the 1200 recipe listing; simply tap on one that you like and go straight to the correct page. The Bread and Baking section alone is extraordinarily comprehensive and includes wonderful treats just waiting to be rediscovered.

Mrs. Mary A. Wilson had a mission to teach people about cookery and this meant an understanding of food, how to prepare it, store it and cook it. She founded the Queen Victoria's Cuisiniere that later became Mrs. Wilson's Cooking School in Philadelphia. She was also Instructor Domestic Science at the University of Virginia Summer School.

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1200 recipes plus numerous articles on the ingredients and cooking methods.

In addition to establishing her own influential cooking school, Mary Wilson made an important and lasting contribution to improvement of nutrition of the United States armed forces. In 1916, midway through WWI, she was asked by the US Navy to establish a cooking school where cooks could be properly trained. She promptly closed her own school and devoted her energy and expertise to the training of naval cooks even using her own equipment.


She refused all offers of remuneration and funded the entire enterprise herself; her selfless action eventually being commended by Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels.

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