Meat, Poultry, Fish, Shellfish and Soup. Classic cook books re-mastered for iPads and other tablets

Meat, Poultry, Fish, Shellfish and Soup

Adapted from: Woman's Institute
Library of Cookery. Volume Three


This is a far more comprehensive study of the subject than you are likely to find in modern a cookery book. Its aim is not simply to tell the reader how to make a given dish but to give them a better understanding of how to buy, prepare and store food and why a particular method should be used with given ingredients. In short this volume is a complete cookery education.

All the different kinds of Soups are classified and discussed with recipes for making them, as well as the stocks used in their preparation.

eBook at a glance

250 pages

Numerous articles and over 100 recipes

300 original photographs, all rescanned and reproduced in sepia

Each of the main Meat types is discussed in detail; the various cuts and which part of the animal they come from, along with how to judge a good piece of meat by its appearance. The various cooking methods are described together with advice on which cuts are suitable.

   In Poultry and Game, the selection and preparation of all kinds of poultry is explained along with their cooking and serving.

Fish and Shell Fish covers the purchase, care, and preparation as well as boning, skinning, and filleting of fish. In addition to recipes for fresh, salt and smoked, directions are included for the preparation of all edible shell fish and recipes for the various stuffings and sauces served with fish.

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