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Dictionary of Food

Charles Herman Senn was born in Switzerland, in 1864 and died in 1934. He received a classical cookery training in Europe and later under the renowned chef Francatelli at the Reform Club in London. Senn was one of the founders of the Universal Cookery and Food Association and edited the association’s year-book, The Cookery Annual, from its first publication in 1894.

In 1892 he was made Consulting Chef to the National Training School for Cookery, one of the most influential schools of its time, he was also a leading light in the Westminster Technical Institute from its founding in 1910, creating the syllabus and establishing the examinations. He also lectured and gave cookery demonstrations to the wider community.

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225 pages

2500 entries

Audio Clips of all 2500 entriesfor correct pronunciation of non-English terms.

It is best left to Senn himself to describe his intentions when writing this book.

“The primary object of this book is to show the reader at a glance the meaning of words applied to food, drink, and cooking, with brief descrip­tive matter which is deemed advisable to furnish in concise form. As its title explains, this book is intended to serve as a dictionary of foods, culinary technical terms, food and cookery auxiliaries, condiments and beverages, which include many foreign names and such terms that are in every-day use in connection with menus and recipes, all of which have been trans­lated. In short, every subject connected with the table, cuisine, and gastronomy, has been judiciously treated, and so-called technicalities have been rendered intelligible”.

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