Cookery Classics Screen shot from Meat, Poultry, Fish, Shellfish and Soup. Adapted from the Women's Institute Library of Cookery volume 3.

About Cookery Classics

Using original material from a time before mass production and food fads, Cookery Classics brings a wealth of guidance and advice to a new generation of cooks in the tablet age.

   Our eBooks have been designed to the highest possible standards to enable you to search, pinch and zoom, print recipes, and link direct to the web in a pleasurable exploration of this rich resource of cookery expertise.

   With the qualities of an expensive printed book but with interactive features, some enhanced with audio and video, they are an essential addition to the virtual bookshelf of any serious cook.


Original text

In order to retain the authenticity of Cookery Classics eBooks the original text has been retained so some spellings may be different to current usage.

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The Dictionary of Food